When it comes to viruses and disease, the best defense is a great offense. What does that mean? We are all going to come into contact with viruses this season, whether it be a strand of the flu(influenza), the Coronavirus (COVID 19), the common cold, or whatever super bug is just over the horizon. What can we do to protect ourselves? Wash your hands often, don’t touch your face, be conscientious of public surfaces ie door handles, key pads, etc…, and cough/sneeze into your sleeve. We can also boost our immunity. By raising our baseline, we can help our body be in the best possible position to do what it was designed to do; fight off disease and viruses.

Vitamin C is being used to treat coronavirus in China. Vitamin C has also been proven to shorten the duration of influenza. Many people are using high-dose Vitamin C as part of their treatment plans in fighting cancer. Magnesium, Zinc, and selenium have also been shown to strengthen the immune system against viruses. Please see links below for more information.

Our Anti-Viral drip is everything that we offer in our Supper Immune Booster plus extra Vitamin C and anti-viral, Lysine.

Higher dose of Vitamin C
B Complex (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12)

We are offering this drip in our Herndon location or as a concierge service. Due to demand, please call to confirm timing for concierge services. Our company follows the guidelines for Universal Precautions. We disinfect after each client and am able to place clients in single offices.

In-Office $247   –   Concierge – $327   –

****** Add a Vitamin D shot for an extra boost *****

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