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500 mg    4-5 hour Per Treatment
1 NAD – $550   |    3 NAD – $1500

250 mg 1.5-3 hour Treatment

1 for $300    3 for $825

Super Immune Booster + NAD 250mg – $450

Super Immune Booster + NAD 500mg – $700

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NAD -Breaking  it Down:
Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+) is a crucial amino acid and coenzyme of Niacin (Vitamin B3) that is found in every cell of your body. The compound is a dinucleotide because it consists of two nucleotides joined through their phosphate groups. One nucleotide contains an adenine base and the other nicotinamide. Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide exist in two forms: the oxidized and reduced form, NAD+ and NADH. In laymen’s terms: NAD’s main purpose is to fuel metabolic reactions forward. Without NAD+, your cells wouldn’t be able to metabolize carbohydrates, fats and amino acids. NAD+ promotes cellular energy by converting food into energy, repairs DNA and increases the sirtuin enzyme activity which, in the long run can help increase metabolism, decrease inflammation, extend cell life and prevent neurodegeneration.

High dose intravenous infusions of pure NAD+ bypasses the digestive system and delivered straight to the cells for better absorption. NAD+ can be the light at the end of the tunnel for many people suffering from opiate, alcohol and other drug addictions. NAD+ has also shown to provide beneficial for anti-aging benefits as well as recovery from arduous athletic and mental activities.

NAD+ Therapy is an emerging vitamin therapy that is all-natural, holistic, and has shown outstanding results. Compelling research shows that NAD may have a unique ability to protect tissues, induce DNA repair, and increase life span.

Several prestigious universities have found that NAD+ therapy improves symptoms of age-related degenerative diseases.

While this is a relatively new treatment, clinics currently treating patients with NAD therapy have reported significant results with:

Addiction- Some clinics are reporting 70-80% success rates compared to only 20% with traditional therapies. It works by potentially detoxifies addictive substances.

  • PTSD
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Acute Stress
  • Greater Memory and Recall
  • Improved Cognitive Functions

One of the most impacted organs from NAD+ deficiency is the brain. NAD+ serves as a catalyst in ultimate brain renovation, allowing us to replenish our supply of neurotransmitters, improve cognitive functioning, withdraw from addictive substances, overcome anxiety, depression, chronic or acute stress, and other conditions by giving the brain what it needs to return to proper functioning. It has a powerful capacity to reset the brain to its original set point.

Studies have shown that low NAD+ result in low ATP levels and low ATP levels quickly deplete your cell’s energy reserves, which can lead to cell death. NAD+ can be beneficial in restoring energy production, especially in the nerve tissue, and may even prevent permanent damage. NAD+ treatment has been shown to be capable of dramatically reducing symptoms of these illnesses by boosting the body’s natural cell repair.
Some of the conditions which may benefit from NAD+ IV therapy include the following:

■ Alcoholism
■ Alzheimer’s Disease
■ Anxiety
■ Benzo Addiction
■ Brain Injury
■ Cancers
■ Chronic Fatigue
■ Depression
■ Fibromyalgia
■ Lyme’s Disease
■ Malabsorption Syndrome
■ Methadone Addiction
■ Mitochondrial Dysfunction
■ Multiple Sclerosis
■ Narcotic Addiction
■ Neurodegeneration
■ Parkinson’s Disease
■ Respiratory Allergies
■ Schizophrenia
■ Skin Allergies
■ Stress

Dr. David Sinclair, Discoverer of Anti-aging NAD Fad, Speaks About Human Trials of NMN