Ginger Delph

Founder / CEO

Ginger Delph is the founder and CEO of Core IV Therapy. While she holds a degree in Psychology and has a background in real estate, her passion has always been Advanced Skin Care and Holistic Wellness.

Her journey to this place started with thyroid disease which she has treated holistically for over a decade successfully, something she was never able to do with conventional medicine.

As a licensed Master Aesthetician and certified Laser Skin Specialist and Hair Removal Specialist, she recognized the value in vitamin IV hydration therapy for its anti-aging benefits immediately.

Ginger became a Phlebotomist and earned her certification as an IV Specialist at the Northern Virginia School of Phlebotomy. She then studied IV therapy at the Center of Excellence For Integrative Medicine.  Lastly, she studied under renowned expert in vitamin iV hydration therapy, Veronica Sutherland, and alas Core iV, LLC was formed.

At Core IV, LLC our mission is to provide quality drips, at reasonable prices and delivered by well trained and experienced professionals.