“Core IV Therapy empowers your employees to lead
healthier lives while improving your bottom line”

Our in-office wellness and IV services are tailored to your company’s unique needs to help boost employee health, relieve stress, and improve overall productivity.

We bring IV services directly to your office. Employees can enjoy the health-boosting benefits of IV vitamin therapy without having to take an afternoon off work. We can set up an IV station onsite or bring IV drips directly to employee offices.

We work closely with our compounding pharmacy to ensure that all of our products are made with high quality ingredients. Every product we use is tested  by a third party laboratory to certify sterility and efficacy.

Our in-office IV vitamin therapy can help your staff get the optimal amount of essential nutrients to help them feel great and perform at their best. Our Vitamin B12 shots are also a fast and easy way to help boost mood as well as energy levels.

Wellness isn’t something that is one-size-fits-all. Our corporate wellness programs are tailored to every client so you aren’t paying for more than you want or need. You can choose the best services to complement existing healthcare plans. Our services are scalable to companies of any size to meet your staff’s needs and health goals.

Our Corporate Wellness programs are engineered to fit your unique organizational culture and employees, not the other way around. Each option offers varying levels of commitment and corresponding results. Please contact us to discuss which would be the best fit for your organization.

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